TruSculpt 3D under the chin 3 treatment 50% off

TruSculpt 3D under the chin 3 treatment 50% off

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CUTERA® truSculpt® 3D

Includes 3 treatments 

This revolutionary body sculpting system uses unique, noninvasive monopolar radiofrequency to deliver targeted energy to problem areas. During treatments, your practitioner glides the truSculpt handheld applicator over your skin. This disrupts the structure of fat cells, forcing them to break down. It also tightens the skin by changing collagen type.

Over the following few weeks, your body starts flushing away all those destroyed fat cells. You can experience up to a 24% fat reduction in a large treatment zone, in just one 60-minute session. The following condition can be treated by truSculpt 3D:

  • Excess skin or fat in the abdomen, flanks, upper arms, thighs, hips, under buttocks. bra-line area, inner knee, and under chin